Q1 2008 Nevada Foreclosure Report Released by RealtyStore.com

Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) May 14, 2008 — RealtyStore (www.realtystore.com), the nation’s leading provider of foreclosure listings, released its quarterly Nevada Foreclosure Report.

RealtyStore.com recorded 17,307 notices of default (NODs) statewide for Q1 2008. This was a 32% increase from those recorded in Q4 2007 and a 139% jump over Q1 2007. An NOD is filed by the lending institution, when a homeowner falls behind on mortgage payments. NODs provide important information about which homeowners have home loans they cannot afford. Nevada has maintained the nation’s highest foreclosure rate for nearly two straight years. For Q1 2008, 1 out of every 52 households in Nevada received a default notice, which is more than 7 times the national average.

“For almost two years running, Nevada has been plagued with the highest foreclosure rate in the nation. This is a result of the dramatic increase in speculative building starting in 2004 when home prices soared 47%,” said Tim Chin, CEO of RealtyStore. “Now, as the housing market corrects, investors are running for the hills as inventory mounts and prices rapidly decline.”

More than 90% of the foreclosures in Nevada are occurring in Clark County. Clark County, home of the gaming capital, better known as Las Vegas, started off the first quarter with 15,876 defaults. This was more than double the 6,651 default notices for Q1 of last year. The foreclosure problem in Las Vegas resulted from home buyers gambling on prices continuing to climb. Speculators used adjustable-rate-mortgages (ARMs) and sub-prime loans to get their foot in the door hoping to use the home’s projected appreciation to later refinance under more affordable fixed-rate loans. Unfortunately, the tide turned and Nevada’s housing market has crumbled.

With a huge wave of hybrid ARMs due to reset this spring, many Nevada homeowners will find their payments ballooning by as much as 50%. With property values dropping almost 20% since last year, distressed borrowers will have little opportunity to refinance into more affordable loans. Left to drown in their mortgage payments, an increasing percentage of homeowners will enter the foreclosure process. This will further suppress housing prices as bargain-priced foreclosures take a bigger share of the Nevada home sale market. In Las Vegas, nearly half of all homes currently on the market are foreclosures. With inventory increasing and home sales at their lowest levels in 13 years, the Nevada housing market will get worse before it gets better.

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