Foreclosure Website Announces Free Advertising for Real Estate Agents

RealtyStore (, the nation’s leading provider of foreclosure listings, today launched its Professional Network to connect Real Estate Professionals with thousands of home buyers actively looking for foreclosed properties. With over a million property page views per month, RealtyStore provides free, targeted exposure for members of the Real Estate Professional Network.

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Los Angeles, Calif. – Feb. 25, 2008 – RealtyStore ( recently launched its Professional Network program (PRO Network) providing free advertising for real estate professionals. RealtyStore is taking online foreclosure listing search to a new level by making it easier for home buyers to find homes for sale. As of 2008 the real estate market has hit near rock bottom in sales. Across the U.S. home sales have dropped to their lowest in 9 years. California, Nevada, Florida, Ohio, Texas and Chicago have seen the largest increase in foreclosed homes. Every day more and more home owners are defaulting on their mortgage and are at risk of going into foreclosure.


RealtyStore has been at the front line of the foreclosure service industry and sees this sudden change in the real estate market as a way to help real estate professionals find new customers. RealtyStore has over a million home listings in United States with thousands of members searching for a house each day. Our Real Estate Professional program is designed for any real estate agent, realtor, lender, loan officer and any other real estate professionals’ dream!


RealtyStore is currently accepting free membership sign up to their PRO Network. Here’s how our program works. Sign up today at for free. Once accepted, your company will be identified as one of our preferred real estate professionals in your territory. Your contact information will be listed in the “Resources” section in the property listings. Here’s an example of what it will look like: Pro-Network Sample on Foreclosure Listing


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When our home buyers seek assistance before, during and after their home purchase, we will make your information available to them. Each home buyer will be able to contact you directly about the properties you’ll be representing.



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