Foreclosure Investors: $7000 TAX CREDIT ~ Senate Takes Up $15 billion housing fix

“The proposed measures include funding to help borrowers refinance unaffordable loans and help boost activity in neighborhoods with properties in foreclosure. Also in the bill is a tax break for homebuilders, as well as a new tax credit and deduction for homeowners and home buyers. The package also contains measures to make loans that are insured by the Federal Housing Administration – which helps borrowers with weak credit or little or no cash for a downpayment – more accessible.” Read more:

If your a real estate agent looking to gain from the foreclosure crises then check out:
Foreclosure Website Announces Free Advertising for Real Estate Agents

If your a homebuyer or investor check out:
RealtyStore – Find Foreclosures in your neighborhood

Check out Foreclosure Investing Guide: Foreclosure Buying and Investing Tutorial and Foreclosure Index Tools

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CNN Money – The Big Risk in The Foreclosure Fix

“FHA, a formerly obscure federal agency, is now at center of many plans to fix the housing market. But it may not be up to the task – and that could cost taxpayers a bundle…”

All throughout 2008 we”ll see a major decline in housing prices, which for some could be a great way to invest in property

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CNN Video on the Foreclosure Market. Atlanta is becoming a hot spot for foreclosures, as trends have been increasing for months.

The foreclosure market-CNN’s Gerri Willis looks at the booming foreclosure market in Atlanta

Next CNN talks about how its a buyers market with thousands of investors looking to profit off foreclosures:

CNN’s video on how bargain hunters have started to consume cheap homes due to this year’s horrible housing market fall.

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Foreclosure Fear – Video… Interesting how CNN uses “fear” .

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CNN’s Gerri Willis offer tips on possible options if you are facing foreclosure.

CNN- Foreclosures Up

March 24, 2008

– CNN Personal Finance Editor Gerri Willis wraps up the latest foreclosure numbers.

3/1 CNN Your Money: Talks of Great Depression Coming